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Forwarding Agencies since 1960

In 1960 Arnoldo Carugati founded the CARUGATI S.A. company, dealing mainly with foodstuff, fresh fruit and vegetables haulage. Some time later Bruno Carugati took over the management of the company, increasing the activity by arranging transports for more kind of goods. Nowadays our General Manager is Fabio Maciocci, who entered the staff as a junior clerk in 1961. 

Carugati S.A. is a long-term member of the Cantonal Forwarders Association (ATIS) and our General Manager Mr. Fabio Maciocci is presently its President.

In southern Switzerland area, we represent one of the most known forwarding agencies dealing on a daily basis with customs clearing, transit and specific clearing matters to and from the UE countries, as well as international transports and storage solutions.

In order to maintain our well-known reliability and quality standard unchanged, we constantly evaluate political and trade modifications that may affect our activity. We also obtained ISO 9001 and AEO Certifications, as guarantee of our quality standards.

We are proud to declare that one of our basic principles is the constant search of specific strategies, enabling our company to improve constantly our activity.

Our up-to-date computer technology combined with the constant contact with our customers to customize the best solutions to their needs is another fine feather in our cap.

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60-year experience

Strategic location: 400 mt from Chiasso Swiss Customs Office

Personal assistant by Whatsapp

60.000+ customs clearances every year

10.000+ serviced customers

10+ border crossings where we regularly handle clearance

2.000+ hours of counselling every year

Customs clearance procedure course at our headquarters

Request your 30-minute advance advice free of charge

You handle the business, we handle your goods!

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